Every now and then, we here at the stations try to reach out to you, our listeners, for your opinion on various local topics. It's not necessarily because we have anything to gain from it, we just like to have conversations. It's important to us to know what you think, what you want, and what you're invested in. So every now and then we'll ask you something, and you'll weigh in.

It seems like every time we ask you about something that should come to Sedalia, there's always multiple mentions that Sedalia should have a Target store. Just the other day, we asked what you think should replace the KMart store once it closes.  Literally dozens of comments were saying we should have a Target store.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Target. I go sometimes when we pick up the girls in Columbia for odds and ends. But if I really needed something, it's not like I couldn't get it at any of the stores here in town rather than a Target store. There isn't something Target exclusive that I absolutely have to have.  So what is it about Target that just seems so... necessary?

Do we just want to have more options? Is there something about the Target shopping experience that I'm missing? Are there some crazy deals that I just miss? Do we just like the color red? Why do we want a Target so badly, Sedalia?

Of course, having said all that, if a Target came here into town, I would totally go there. Often. I don't know why, though. Maybe just to avoid crowds at other stores? But... if we had a Target, it'd be crowded for at least a year, you know that. So that would defeat that purpose.  But still, it seems to be in high demand. So, retailers... I guess you see where you could make some money here?

So what's the deal, guys? Why do you want a Target so bad?

Targetly yours,