What's going on?

Remember This Song and the Voice Behind It?
Back in the 60's many households were tuned in on Monday nights for Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In aka Laugh-In. Tiny Tim was featured on the show while most Americans heard him for the first time singing his song "Tip Toe Thru the Tulips".
What One Vegetable Will You NOT Eat?
You notice I spelled 'not' in capital letters in the title. I did this because for some people, including myself, there is one vegetable we will NOT eat!
For a Million Dollars-A Room Full of Snakes or Spiders? <Poll>
We've all went through hundreds, maybe thousands of different scenarios in our minds...what if? Here's one for you. You're stuck in a room full of non-venomous snakes or non-poisonous spiders for two hours. The payoff is $1,000,000.00. Which would you choose?
Tag...You're It!
Remember the day? Playing tag, whether it be the original version or the newer, cooler, updated game we referred to as freeze tag. If you're like me, it's been a few years since we played some of these classic outdoor games.
Kemper Arena in Kansas City is No More
There was a day when Kemper Arena in Kansas City was the home to the NBA, the NHL, Pro Rodeo and Bull Riding, the American Royal, the 1976 Republican National Convention, NCAA Final Four games, concerts and much more. The old Kemper is about to change.
Sad Report on Puppy Mills in Missouri
You hear the stories of puppy mills. They're never good stories either. Unfortunately Missouri ranks at the top of the list for puppy mills in this nationwide report.
Roller Derby in Sedalia?
How do you think it would go over if a roller derby team was in Sedalia. Would you watch it? Would you sign up for the team?
A Mothers Day Video (Grab the Kleenex)
We all know how much our mothers sacrificed for us. The list of things that mom would do for us is a mile long. This video makes us realize how great moms really are.
Remember Cinder Block Shelves?
Let's go back to the 70's and revisit our apartment's furnishings. I bet one item that was in your pad was the cinder block shelves that housed your Marantz stereo system...complete with turntable and eight track player.
Who's Your Favorite Pet Groomer?
Time for Fido to head to the groomer but where do you go? Time to sound out and let us know who does the the best job of pet grooming in the area.
I'm Sad...Abby is Leaving "NCIS"
First it was Cote de Pable aka Ziva David. Then it was Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) that left. He's went on to star on the CBS series "Bull". We wondered what it would be like without those two characters. Now it's Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto. She's m…