The Winter Olympics are just about to end Sochi. I don't know about you, but on a normal day I wouldn't give curling, skiing, or figure skating a chance, but just like the rest of the nation, we all became intrigued with the Winter Olympics. So intrigued, that we decided to host our own Office Winter Olympics.

We held the Opening Ceremony and even had a few celebrities in the stands to cheer us on. The first event was curling, on his final attempt Rob was able to slide his stone (a magic 8 ball) into the target and secure a spot in the finals.

The next event was the luge. I faced some tough competition, but in the end, I was too dominate, setting a world record for Office Winter Olympics luge.

Rob and I were pumped about our results in our first two events. We wanted to take that momentum into the bobsledding event. Unfortunately, we were got off to a shaky start and crashed. We both were shaken up and injured after the event, but were determined to redeem ourselves in the later events.

With Rob and I both injured and the hockey game against the Canadians as our next event, we needed a miracle, a hero to rise up and save the USA. That man would be Sam the Web Guy. It came down to penalty shots, and Sam sunk the final shot and won gold for the USA. I believe in miracles!

In the nightcap of events, I was able to secure gold in figure skating, without even wearing a leotard.

In the end, we took gold. Would you expect anything else?

U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!