The way I see things is normally called "a little different," but I think if you are a single guy this summer and you have a little game, you should have a great summer with the ladies.  However, if you are a married guy, you are in big trouble.

Here's my reasoning: Every woman I know is reading "50 Shades of Grey."  This book is billed as a romantic novel.  Uh, wrong, it's pure unadulterated fantasy for the ladies.  Now the movie "Magic Mike" is out, a movie about male strippers.  With Mathew McConnadoodle or whatever his name is.

Trust me, if you are a married guy your wife is reading this book (which should be banned), and saying, "My husband doesn't do that anymore," or "My husband never did that to me," you're in trouble.  Now seeing these strippers with their 6-pack abs and then looking at your flabby me guys, we are in a precarious situation.

My suggestion is get a hobby, clean the garage, stay outta the house...just hide and say "yes ma'am" a lot.  Remember football season is right around the corner.