Johnson County Community Health Services (JCCHS) have been IMPROVING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE since we were established in 1975. Please provide a description of Jo Co Comm Health. Providing Home Health, Public Health, and Hospice services our communities.

JCCHS provides services to improve quality of life for the community, our clients, and the families of our clients by providing our services under the supervision of licensed professional nurses that carry out the orders of physicians. Our Home Health team promotes independence and recovery in the home setting. Our Hospice care utilizes a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to provide quality end-of-life care. Our Public health provides many services as well; vaccinations, birth and death records, WIC, environmental services, and more. All JCCHS divisions work collaboratively with area community groups and providers to address a wide range of health care and public health needs to eliminate health disparities and increase the number of healthy years that Johnson county residents live.

We accept Medicare, Medicare HMO, Medicaid and most private insurances for most services. Contact us at 660-747-6121 for any questions.