You might not realize this, but Boyfriendo and The Girls are very competitive.  Which kind of makes it a little strange that I'm not.  They love to play games together. For example, check this out: Meghan and Delaney were playing a little improvised badminton in the yard the other week when it was really nice out.  We decided to let the girls play while we got ready to make some smores.

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They get super into their games and don't even notice us half the time.

We play Uno, Scattergories, Five Crowns, Hearts, just about anything.  And now, we'll have a chance to play together to help a good cause!  The Sedalia Kiwanis is going to have a Game Day on Saturday, September 17 at Christ and Trinity Lutheran Church , 3201 Southwest Boulevard.  We'll have snacks, and the proceeds will go to the Community Santa Campaign to be sure underprivileged kids get Christmas gifts this year.  It's only a $10 admission, and you can bring any game you like.  We'll have door prizes as well!  I got to talk with Ann Dove, one of the organizers of the event, about some of the details.

So make sure you come by from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., bring some games, have some snacks, and know you're helping Sedalia kids.

Gamely yours,