First, let me say this will be my last post about Halloween, but Doug and I were talking about tricks or practical jokes we have pulled on the air yesterday.  With last night being Halloween, it brought up some fun memories.  So, I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

When I was a teenager, I think the funniest practical joke was a bunch of us guys late on Halloween night took a friends tractor (yes, small town) and took a few large bails of hay and strategically placed them behind several of our "friends'" cars while they were in their driveway.  I'm sure they had a fun time trying to get out the next morning.

My favorite practical joke was this one, now read it closely and imagine the horror.

I had a friend who was tuning 40, I think.  He was a sales manager for a MAJOR cooperation.  On his birthday, a bunch of the cooperate big wigs came down to take him to lunch.  Well, I got wind of it and thought, "What a great opportunity!"

We had a cleaning lady at the station I was working at who was in her mid 60s and a, shall we say, "plus-size" lady.  I paid her a few bucks and she showed up at the restaurant in a pair of very short shorts and a crop top.  She asked someone at the door where the birthday party for said friend was.

Then she mosied up to the table with all the suits and ties, sat on his lap and said, "Oh Don where have you been? Me and the baby miss you! Will you please come home we miss you desperately," and began kissing his bald head all over.

Now, my friend had no idea who this lady was, but it looked really bad in front of the big shots and according to witnesses, he was very pale and stuttering and didn't know what to do.  This went on for about ten minutes before she got up and said, "Hope to see you at home tonight," and walked out.

About halfway out ,she turned around and said, "Happy Birthday from Denny the radio station!"  Luckily, his cooperate people thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen.

Your turn: what's your favorite practical joke?