I was looking around on the interwebzz the other day to see if there were any new recommendations for good eats here in Sedville. I mean, don't get me wrong - I've eaten PLENTY of times in Sedalia's fine restaurants. I just wanted a new perspective, you know? So I turned to Yelp, and found the top rated restaurants by regular people. It was so great to see someone's else's take on it. Anyway, here's the top ten!

1.  Clara's Sunrise Cafe.

Aaron W, Via Yelp

Just as recommended. Our first experience was great. The food and service was outstanding and we are looking forward to a return visit. Highly recommended. - Gary E


2.  Brick Front Grill.

Matthew R, Via Yelp

It's really hard to find Middle Eastern food in small US  towns, let alone GOOD Middle Eastern food. This restaurant certainly transports you to far away lands with great spices and flavors. - Sandy E


3.  Kehde's Barbecue and Catering.

Big Mama's M, Via Yelp

Without a doubt our favorite place to eat in Sedalia. Some of the best BBQ we have ever had. Better than a lot of those famous ones in KC! BBQ Posh Potatoes are favorites for the kids and the Rib Plate is loaded with very generous portions. Highly recommend and you must try when coming through! - Drew M

4.  Tacos El Charro.

Merrah S, Via Yelp

The staff was cleaning everything in sight while we ate. So that's a plus. MORE importantly, the food was awesome. I somehow ended up with double my intended order (small communication problem, I think) but wound up being really glad because the steak tacos and chorizo tacos were beyond perfect. - Ginger M

5. Goody's Steakburgers.

Nadia S, Via Yelp

Place is amazing! I love all of the old 1960s memorabilia! But most importantly, the food! Fried cauliflower bites were amazing! Girlfriend and I split the triple steak burger and it filled us up completely! Lastly, the PB shake was fresh and delicious! When I'm back in town, I will definitely come here again. - Michael B

6. Bandana's Barbecue.

FoodGuy_, Via Yelp

My brethren on Yelp have come through again! I was in Warrensburg for a conference and desperately wanted to try some Missouri BBQ before I left town. Bandana's looked like it was worth the drive, and damn if that wasn't true. I would have given this place five stars alone for the wait staff, who could all be models, but the chopped beef was delicious, and their hot sauce may be one of the best hot BBQ sauces I've ever had. I thought the smoked wings were a bit too salty, but the food was overall finger lickin' good. - Shayam S

7. Fitter's 5th Street Brew Pub.

Michelle K, Via Yelp

Great atmosphere and great service. We stopped in for lunch on our way passing through and enjoyed the thai flatbread and a few refreshments. Nice inviting atmosphere in the front and a little patio as well. I did not venture to the back where the bar was so i cannot speak for that area. Good place to grab a bite and drink. - Tom F

8. Ivory Grille.

VK, Via Yelp

Friendly people great bar. Good customers. The salmon was cooked to perfection along with a wonderful mix salad. The decor was very nice as well as inviting will definitely go back many times. - Mary F

9. El Espolon.

Brian S, Via Yelp

Delicious margaritas, and the fajitas for two could without a doubt feed several grown men! Our waiter was extremely exceptional, especially catering to a table of 10 people. Chips always came out hot and their green salsa is probably some of the best I've ever had. (You have to ask for it, but don't miss out on it.) - Natalie G

10. Little Big Horn Cattle Company.

Brenda A., Via Yelp

The food was fantastic. I love their sauce, since I like the sweeter BBQ sauces. I ordered the "Oink & Cluck," which was enough food for two people. I ate it all, and although I feel like I should never ever eat again (on my way home now), it was SO good, and I have no regrets about what I ordered. - Mary B

There you have it, the internet has spoken!

Yelpily yours,