Making the Band

Making the Band Rocks Sedalia This Weekend
Folks, for a few years now, Justin Lawson has organized this huge local music event: Making the Band.  If you don't know what it is, well, then you must live under a rock or something.  Is it moldy under there?  It must be at least somewhat comfortable, I mean, you choose to live…
Making The Band 2015
The 2015 Making The Band is coming to Sedalia at Dickie-Doo Bar-B-Que on Saturday, July 18, 2015.
Making the Band-Sedalia Mo is a program designed to teach any musician and any age to play in a band setting. In the program you will learn how to form a band, write your own songs, record a demo an…
5th Annual Making the Band Showcase [PHOTOS]
Today (July 21), I got to spend a few hours at the Liberty Center for the 5th annual Making the Band Showcase.  Justin Lawson gets this together every year to let the kids shine.  The kids get together to write and perform music, and this year, it was in air-conditioned comfort.