Have You Visited Any of These Haunted Missouri Locations? [Video]
Ghosts are always a fun topic (unless you're being haunted by one, possessed by one, or otherwise disturbed by one). I've taken some a few ghost tours in cities I've visited, and I've always thought they were enjoyable. I don't really believe in ghosts, but it's a fun topic. There's a simple little …
Behka’s Enquiring Minds: Ghosts [SURVEY]
57% of Americans say they believe in ghosts.  Only 21% say they absolutely believe there AREN'T ghosts . . . and the rest aren't sure.  Which means four out of five Americans aren't ruling out the idea that ghosts are real.
What BOB Artist Would You Want to Haunt You? [SURVEY]
Kids, tonight on the show we're going to be discussing some more Michael Jackson news.  And while the civil trial of the Jackson Family vs AEG is still underway, that's not quite what we'll be discussing.
LaToya Jackson is one of the younger Jackson sisters.  She's better known as "the black she…
The Mystery of the Missing Coffee
First, let me say that everything I write is pretty much true. I might embellish a bit.  For instance, I said on the air yesterday that my dog was still mad at me for feeding her my wife's cooking.  That's not really true. She only pouted for a day or two not a week, but other than that these things…