Hurricanes. Political bickering. Wildfires. Senseless shootings. It seems like all we hear about these days is one more terrible thing after another. 

It's even gotten to us here in Sedalia. It seems like people are just so angry all the time about something every day. It makes a person start to feel cynical, like there's nothing good in the world anymore. Like altruism just... doesn't exist.  It makes you feel like you're all alone in the world, and nobody cares.

It makes me search for stories like this one. When I find one, I am reassured that we aren't always so bad after all. A Sedalia dad, Terry, shared such a story on Facebook the other day.  Terry was out at Centennial Park with his little girl Karli.  Karli came running up to her dad, very excitedly (like kids do) with a plastic bag full of toys. At first, Terry thought a kid had forgotten their toys, and started to look for the owner. But then, he saw a card in the bag.

Terry Doyal, Facebook

Someone had left a bag of goodies under the slide ladder just for a kid like Karli to find. There was no agenda behind it, no thought of getting rewarded. It was just a nice person wanting to be nice to someone else. And it absolutely made Karli's day!

Terry Doyal, Facebook

Look at that face. So much joy, so much grateful happiness...  all from a plastic bag of goodies left by a person who would never know just how much they did with something so little.

So I say, Thank You.  Thank you, random person who decided to do something nice. I hope we find more people like this every day. I hope we keep spreading the good feeling, maybe it'll help us through these dark times. Maybe, just maybe, we can all be a little nicer every day. Let that car go in front of you at Walgreen's. Pay for the guy's coffee behind you at McDonald's. Give that lady your cart at Aldi and let her keep her quarter. Smile at the teller at the bank. Drop off some dog food at the Animal Shelter. The thing is, you're helping someone... but you're really helping yourself. We've all had our struggles, our own pains, it's part of our story. Knowing you're doing something good for someone else will only help heal your heart a little.

I hope to see more of these stories. I hope I get the chance to share more of them.

Happily yours,