Hello there, kids.  As has been previously stated and again elucidated, I am a ladyperson.  I am also a person who owns cats.  Two of them.


They're both shelter cats.  He's a Maine Coon that's about seven years old, and she's a Tortoiseshell American Shorthair, about five years old.  Either way, they are darling dears and I will not hear any noise to the contrary.

I don't dislike dogs, but I've just never been a dog person.  Having said that, I'm not made of stone.  I love a good dog video just as much as anyone else.

And, well, I support you dog people in your dog-peopleness.  Sure, you may never understand the joy that is cat butt in your face, or the bliss that comes when you have to try to get gray cat hair out of your eye, but hey, we can't all live life right.  So for you dog people out there, why don't you take your dog out for an evening of fun?

The Sedalia Kennel Club is having a Doggy Play Day on May 8th.  They're having it at the Dog Park at Clover Dell, it's on West 32nd about an 8/10th mile from the city limits.  Bring your non-aggressive dog (ya gotta have it on a leash) to watch demonstrations of rally, obedience and agility.  Let your dog try the agility equipment, and the Kennel Club will be around the help or answer questions.

Any Questions, call Garnetta at 827-7003.