I've been doing a series this month, highlighting songs that are Christmas themed, but non-traditional.You know, something different to shake things up this holiday season.  You can hear the same song dozens of different times, it seems like - hearing a different Holiday themed song can seem like a breath of fresh air!

Which brings me to our Off Kilter Christmas Song of today: a submission from a local collaboration, A.C. Rev. Here's a quote from their site:

A.C. Rev is a collaborative effort between Aaron Campbell and Mark Revel. We write and record original rock and roll and blues in various styles . Influences include everything from Aerosmith and Zeppelin, to Petty, Beatles, Stones , Chuck Berry, and Howlin’ Wolf. Mark and Aaron compose, perform, engineer, mix, and master their music. For best results, turn our music up loud. 

They recorded a song called "Rock and Roll Santa", which you can hear or buy here; if you need something to break up your normal Christmas listening.

Christmassly yours,