I know now that we're in December, a lot of kids are starting to get antsy. They don't want to get on the naughty list.But then when you get a minute to meet Santa when he makes his appearances around town, some kids get shy. It's a big deal! It's very overwhelming! Santa is kind and joyful, but kids can get nervous when they  meet him. Or sometimes, they get so excited, that they just get a little star struck, and forget the reason they went to see him in the first place!

Sure, you can write him a letter, but what if it gets lost in the mail? That happens.

Well, fear not, I have Santa's phone number, and you can leave him a message. You can tell him what you want for Christmas, or you can tell him how much you love him, or you can wish him Merry Christmas, whatever you want to say, say it!

Here's his number: (319) 527-2680.

I called him myself and left him a message. It's very easy to do.

Have a good weekend, and remember to stay on the nice list!

Telephonely yours,



NOTE TO PARENTS: I have called the number and it is real. There was some concern it might be a prank, and in times past on social media "Santa's Number" was really the office of the Westboro Baptist Church. I assure you, this is a good number for the kids.