One thing you can say about our local park system is that they are certainly not hurting for ideas. They have so many things for kids to do these days! One of their upcoming events is Art in the Park Day on July 17.  It's for young kids, about ages 7-11, and they go to Liberty Park and get messy making some art pieces of their own.

Maybe it's just negative hindsight, but I don't remember getting to do fun stuff like that when I was a kid!  Heck, I'd do that NOW, as a 33-year-old supposed adult.

But then, I did also attend a 6-year-old's birthday party this weekend and spent far, far too much time putting together some Star Wars Lego kits for him.

I spent a good hour or so sitting on the floor putting together that thing, and why? I did it for the children.*

Hopefully you can do this event with your kids!  Just think of all the crazy pictures you'll take, and all art they'll make.   Make sure you get registered though before July 13. The parks department will have lunch provided and all your materials, so there's a small fee of $8 a child to offset the costs.

Go down to the Parks and Rec office at Convention Hall to get registered or to get more information.  It's at 1500 West Third street, but you probably know the building in Liberty Park.  Or you can call Amy "Ideas"  Epple** at 826-4930.  Give their website a look too, at

Artistically yours,


*Seriously.  I didn't do it because I enjoyed it.  And I certainly let him play with it afterwards and didn't play with it myself for like, ten minutes before I gave it to him.

**That is not her real nickname, I just called her that for my own fun.