Okay, Christmas and New  Year's are over.  Now what? It's cold, it's rainy, and there's nothing to do, right?

Check out some of the great stuff you might have forgotten about here in the Sedalia area.

The State Fair Community College is hosting a Show Choir Invitational on January 7.  It's $5 at the door, and you get to see tons of middle and high school students sing and dance! It'll be held in the Davis MPC and raise money for arts programs.

SFCC is also having a lot of great basketball games this month. You can check out the schedule and get some tickets to a great game the kids will love.

The Bothwell Lodge always has tours available of the area. Kids can explore what life was like before air conditioning and then take a break to hike the grounds.

Sierra Bullets often has factory tours you can take the kids to. This would be especially fun if your kids like big trucks or construction!

The  Sedalia Parks and recreation has a ton of stuff for your kids to do this time of year.  You can check out the Youth Basketball, Tiny Tots play park, Dance With Grace, and the Superhero Party.

The Sedalia Public Library has lots of opportunities for kids to get together.   They've got Dial A Story, Children's Book Club, Toddler time, and Preschool story time.

Randy Kirby

Meanwhile across the street, the Boonslick Regional Library has a lot of fun ideas, too.  They've got all the normal book clubs, and a Lego Club.  You provide the imagination, they provide the Legos.

You can also check out the skate sessions at the Wheel Thing Skate Center.  They've got regular sessions all throughout the week, not just weekends.

What other fun things do you and your family like to do around Sedalia?

Funly yours,