I don't know about you, but it seems like every year I would try to find gifts for people in the Holiday season, it would just get harder and harder.

I'd get them something that I was sure they'd love, and it turned out to be wrong.  Brother-in-law loves cheese?  Great, I'll get a cheese sampler! Wait, he discovered he's lactose intolerant?  Niece likes vampires?  Awesome.  I'll get her a book!  Oh wait... she's already got it.  Now what?

This kind of thing happens a lot.  So, I have a new method.  I'm trying to find things not necessarily that I know for a fact they're into, but around the same area of things they MAY like. I use Gift Finder to do it.

Not sure what the hot toy is for a 4-7 year old girl? Look there! Not hip to what 49-year-old dads want this year? Go there! Got a third cousin twice removed who's coming in for the first visit in 20 years and have no idea what they want? Done. Simple. Done and dusted.

If nothing else, you can use this to get suggestions and then translate them into local ideas. That way, everyone wins!

Giftily yours,