Like a lot of you out there, I have teenage girls in my life. Two, in fact.  For their thirteenth birthday,  my stepdaughters Delaney and Meaghan got Iphones. They were very excited. And now, they're on them a lot. Of course, they were on their Ipods and Nooks and all that jazz before that, so this is nothing new. But now, I wonder if we've got something to worry about.

Now that they have phones, I get it. It's 100% fine for parents to monitor their kids' phones.

It has nothing to do with distrusting your kids . . . it's about distrusting all the HORRIBLE PEOPLE out there trying to bully, seduce, corrupt, or manipulate your perfect little angel.

And according to a new nationwide survey by Harris Interactive, the majority of parents agree.  57% of parents say they occasionally monitor their kids' phone.

22% of parents do it with their children's knowledge . . . 21% sometimes do it with their kids' knowledge and sometimes do it secretly . . . and 14% always do it WITHOUT letting their kids know they're doing it.

38% give their kids a phone CURFEW, where they can't use it after a certain hour.

And 29% of parents track their kids' locations using their smart phones.

Do your teenagers have cell phones? Do you check in on what they're doing with it?

Cellularly yours,