I have three cats. I can't have a dog right now. It's too many animals for me! But, for a long time, I have craved a dog. So since I can't have one, let me live vicariously through you and show you some dogs YOU can take home today. 

1.  Preacher.


Preacher is about a year and half old and he's a shepherd mix. I also heard he loves to encourage you to read more and wants to teach you to dance in the kitchen. If you have any questions about butt sniffing, he has no comment.

2.   Sketch.


Sketch is a nine month old  terrier mix. Sketch will be happy to go through your closet Queer Eye style and help you finally get some style.  He also would love to meet your Aunt Jeenie and hear all about how things have changed since she was a girl.

3.  Kylie.


Kylie is a two and half year old Australian Cattle Dog mix.  She will be more than happy to help you get back on track with your New Year's resolution to lose weight. She also would like you to know that she is not judging you when you watch reality tv. Well, not much, anyway. Maybe just a little.

4.  Bruno.


Bruno is a two year old terrier mix.  Bruno likes foreign films and long walks on the beach. He knows there aren't a lot of beaches in Mid-Missouri, but he'll be alright with a compromise of going to the dog park. He also requires exactly ten belly rubs a day, so if you can't provide that, don't lead him on.

5.  Blaze.


Blaze is a nine month old golden retriever mix.  While his name may suggest he's a firey character, he's actually very chill. He learned to play five card poker back in his wild days, and he's never been the same.  He's vowed to never go back to his life of wild gambling, Beggin Strips, and crazy nights on the Vegas strip. Now he just wants a good home and a few scritches behind the ear.

So, be the one to reach out to the Sedalia Animal Shelter today by calling 826-5816 or stop by the new location at 2420 South New York.

Adoptingly yours,